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A call for accountability, transparency, integrity and justice on this matter

We, at Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), are saddened and very shocked at the mounting, plain untrustworthiness of the souls that we as a nation entrusted with power to govern. Each passing day brings with it fresh and painful evidence of the swindlers we have in government. Sadly, these critical, national developments taking place in the recent K4 billion scam, keep assuring us of how irritatingly weak and, yes, rather hypocritical the opposition are and can be.

At CHRR we are deeply worried. We can’t get how on earth the Executive would really decide to allocate funds amounting to K4 billion to pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentarians without appropriate approvals and with no accountability to the Legislature. Indeed, as CHRR, we are at a loss to understand how the opposition in parliament would leave it just like that and see the leading Ministries of this malpractice go free despite committing this huge accountability blunder in history.

It needs no emphasis to establish that Malawians are surely taken for granted by this DPP-led administration. What the Finance and Local Government Ministers have demonstrated in this saga is a great test to our democratic seriousness as a nation.

Furthermore, we find the statement by the Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, that they have deliberately “come to the Government’s rescue” and “acted to make sure that there is no record in the history of this House (Parliament) that we allowed the illegal act of spending Malawians' taxpayers money without Parliament's approval” very hypocritical. What’s wrong with the opposition in properly offering democratic checks on the Executive? All we see is the highest order of hypocrisy in the opposition and the entire parliament. Instead of standing with the people, the opposition has opted to enter into an evil pact with government. The country is left in a confusion as to what is the hope for this country if both the opposition and those in government are the same. The leader of opposition must know that it is wrong to legalize evil and that two wrongs do not make a right. Malawians will be and must be the best judges on this historical blunder! Now that the whole house of representatives has betrayed the nation, Malawians must rise and demand accountability and justice.

We want to remind those in government and opposition that Malawians are closely watching them. As a nation we can’t just sit and watch this drivel happening before our nose. We ask the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Judiciary to rescue this nation from such unprecedented maladministration by checking the conduct of these undeserving office bearers in the guise of political, social and economic messiahs of our beloved nation. We join the voices of those calling for the resignation of the Minister of Finance because he has failed the country seriously on this matter. We are also calling upon President Muthalika to, as a matter of urgency, give an explanation to Malawians as to how he as CEO for the country approved such a malpractice. Otherwise we are tired of his muteness on issues of national importance.

We also would like to remind Malawians that the DPP government is taking advantage of our culture of silence. We need to be pro-active as Malawians. This culture of silence and lack of action is what is contributing to impunity by the DPP led government as evidenced by shamelessly rejection of the electoral reforms which were much needed by Malawians. As if that was not enough we now hear allegations of them compensating their members of parliament including those selfish MPs from the opposition using hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

From this saga, it is clear that all our politicians do not care about this country but their monetary interests as it is clear that the opposition, in fact the whole parliament, has fallen in this trap due to their deep appetite for money. It is clear that our politicians will bury their political differences when it comes to money and agree to punish the suffering Malawians. Malawians must know that if they do not rise to demand justice on this issue and other equally important issues affecting this great republic will completely collapse. Our country is on ICU and we as a people must rise in a spirit of patriotism and save this country from death.  As Malawians, let us not just talk over issues on social media. Let us learn to act. This is our country and our destiny is in our hands. Time has come for Malawians to rise up to defend and guard the principles of good governance and democracy and define our destiny.

Malawians must realize that a better Malawi is only possible if they come together and look beyond pettiness such as political affiliation, tribe, region and religion, and collectively stand up and demand fulfillment of the human rights and good governance in this great country.    

Issued in Lilongwe: 3rd March 2018



Timothy Mtambo

Executive Director—CHRR