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allianceThe Alliance Against Corruption would like to register its dismay and discontent over recent revelations that the government awarded a contract to provide technical support supervision and management of the Kam’mwamba Coal fired Power Generation Project in Neno worth MK7.8 billion to a non-existent contractor Black and Veach Company. The revelations are worrisome considering that it is now widely known that one of the key routes of corruption in Malawi is public procurement. This is evident in the high number of corruption cases related to public procurement. The country is still feeling the effects of the 2013 ‘cash gate’ corruption scandal in which up to US$250 million of taxpayers’ money was lost through fraudulent payments to private contractors for services that were not rendered. Currently, there are numerous alleged cases of procurement-related corruption in Malawi involving public institutions, including Tractor gate, ESCOM fuel-gate, MACRA-gate, the Police food ration-gate, Immigration Uniform-gate, just to mention a few. Readmore