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Press Statement:

Condemning Distortion of Communication on April 27 Demonstrations

17th April 2018

We, at Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF), want to strongly condemn the cheap propaganda being spread by some ill-fated operatives who have added violence to innocent and peaceful messages for the planned April 27 Nationwide Demonstrations. Furthermore, these evil souls are distorting the communication on routes that will be taken by all Malawians of good will during the demonstrations.

Condemning MACRA for Summoning Zodiak Broadcasting Station and Interfering with Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression

20th April 2018

We, Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF), have learnt with ineffable disdain for the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) the ongoing unprofessional conduct and selective justice being demonstrated by this body in summoning Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) and interfering with press freedom. We seriously condemn this sick conduct as it does not even speak to the spirit of the Malawi Communications Act which establishes this unprincipled institution.

One evening Didier closed up his shop for the day and went to meet friends for a party, but he had no idea his life was about to change so drastically. “I miss everything. The way my life was in Kenya was the complete opposite [to here in Malawi],” says Didier*, 27. 

“I was at a party with a friend who had come over from America. It was about the time Obama came to Kenya, and we thought he was going to help legalise homosexuality. The party was at someone's home, just 10 or 12 close friends. A neighbour must have called the police. They came in and started slapping us and shouting ‘get out, get out’.” Didier says that while the officers didn’t give any reason for arresting them, they were shouting gay slurs.