Alliance Takes Government to Task Over The Mzuzu Youth Center Project: Demands Accountability in the Missing Money


Alliance against serious and organised corruption continue to take government to task over what it calls govermement negligence to uphold the plight of youths in the country. The alliance which is currently pursuing the Mzuzu Youth Center project controversy which has 11 years’ down not  been implemented despite several ground breakings has stirred debate among youth led CSOs who feels government played four played negligence. The case which is currently being championed by one of the alliance partner’s, Youth and Society (YAS) has seen a series of advocacy aimed at demanding accountability in the matter.

The alliance through YAS has on several counts  engaged the Ministry of Labour, youth and Man Power development to demand accountability over the misuse of money worth MK30million. It is alleged that some individuals within the local council and ministry swindled the money in the name of allowances for preparatory meetings of the project which never took place. Suffice to say, the project which was in 2017 and 2018 National Budget allocated k500milion has nothing show on the ground despite the ground breaking ceremonies.

Recently, Youth and Society has been mobilizing Youth led Csos in Mzuzu to map way forward following government hesitance to act on the matter. Ironically, the meeting was aimed at strategizing on how to take the government task. This follows government’s decision to relocate the project to Dunduzu a development that has not pleased youths in Mzuzu.  The youths  seeks to understand how the MK500 million allocation and MK30million  was used on the project site

At hand, YAS has reported the Malawi government to Anti-Corruption Bureau over the missing MK 30Million which the council has failed to account for. YAS  has vowed to take further action should the Malawi Government fail to explain how the money was used.

Meanwhile, the alliance team led by the Youth and Society and some youth led NGOs visited the project site following the governement decision to relocate the project. The alliance will soon meet the Ministry of Labour, youth, sports and man power development and the development planning department to overlook at the decision by the government.


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