CHRR Sheds Light on Weightiness of Citizen Engagement in Projects


Recently, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) in collaboration with International Accountability Project and Social Environmental Entrepreneurs conducted a community led research on the Mpatamanga Hydropower project in Blantyre and Neno. The project is being funded by a partnership comprising of International Financial Cooperation (IFC) and the Government of Malawi. World Bank joined the effort to assist in the electricity generation initiative in a bid to help communities realize socio-economic development.  Several times, development processes may happen without the proper consultation of the community members

Therefore, the community must be seen as a key driver to the successful implementation of projects; in this case the Hydropower initiative and the backbone to its successful completion. CHRR team took heed of the concerns raised by the community during the activity with regards to the depth of information shared pre and post project initiation, including meaningful participation in the implementation processes. CHRR, being a concerned CSO that takes a keen interest on community civil rights further conducted several meetings with key stakeholders at national, district and community level highlighting the concerns raised by the community. Thus far, they have reaped a fruitful outcome, with a watchful eye from the institution.


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